28. Juli 2018
ALDER & BRONSTEIN, ARTISTS TRAVELING TO CANNES Rosalía Bronstein Martínez was born on June 25 in Caracas. We won’t mention the year of birth because it might be rude to say so. Announcer with an official certificate from the Central University of Venezuela, she also studied Performing Arts at the Juana Sujo High School, the National Theater Company and the acting group ’80. She lived in Europe for a long period, where she continued her career in art. After a brief perenthesis in...
24. Juli 2018
Now in this tomorrow nothing is just like this. I have been in this world before not 20 times, but 7 or 6. In the two last I helped I this one, I'm telling a story. A story about contrast about putting too much blue. I have seen some strange shadows I am not frightened. Plage de Cannes, France
23. Juli 2018
Tiny seagull screaming softly, he wants to be seen or maybe painted. I read You stare What is the difference between the day and me? Tiny seagull screaming softly he flew away when we left. Cheateau de Cannes, France